Medicine & Surgery (MD)

Medicine & Surgery (MD)


The Harvey Course

The University of Pavia pioneered the first Course in Medicine taught in English in Italy. The Course, known locally as the Harvey Course, started in academic year 2009/10 and produced its first graduates in July 2015. In subsequent years 8 other Italian Universities have activated Medicine Courses taught in Italy and several other are in the process of implementing additional ones.

The Department of Molecular Medicine holds responsibility for the teaching of the Harvey Course and in 2013 launched a major Course review (leading to the so-called new Harvey Course). A number of recommendations contained in the 2013 review of the Harvey Course have already been implemented, others are pending subject to analysis and approval by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Under current rules the Harvey Course admits ~ 100 students each year. According to the latest available figures (2015/16), 30% of the students who have enrolled in the the Harvey are from Italy; 70% from abroad, the highest percentage of any Medicine Course in Italy). Further, the highest applicants to placements ratio (> 12) of any medical Course taught in English in the country, a position that will be further strengthened by the implementation of novel Course features currently under evaluation at MIUR.

The above figures demonstrate that the Harvey Course has now secured a strong presence in the landscape of international medical education. Additional information about the Harvey Course is available on the dedicated Harvey Course website

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