Scope of the MA Course


The Master’s aim is to provide young researchers, young doctors and healthcare professionals with an interest in the origin, growth, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tumors.
The number of people who get sick and die of cancer is growing in both industrialized and developing countries. In recent years new treatments have been developed for certain types of cancer – such as chronic myeloid leukemia – which have dramatically improved the survival of these patients. In the case of many other types of cancer, however, progress has been much narrower and new treatments are particularly costly and not necessarily available to all patients due to the ever tighter limits imposed on healthcare spending. The Master course proposed here intends to give participants a complete overview of the cancer problem: the biological bases of the disease, the scientific foundations that underpin the development of new care, the progress in diagnosis and care, and the need to offer patients with cancer the psychological, welfare and economic support they need. The number of people involved in cancer screening, their diagnosis and care, and extra hospital care for cancer patients is considerable and the proposed Master may be of interest to researchers and healthcare professionals involved in this process.
The professional figure formed in the Master can find outlet in public or private research laboratories, in hospitals with cancer diagnosis and treatment centers and in extra-hospital facilities providing psychological or economic assistance to cancer patients.

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