Information and Contacts

Information and Contacts



This page will contain additional information, updates and clarifications concerning the admission procedure, their venues, dates, times, etc.  The page will also post interim results of the admission procedure in order to keep applicants informed of the progress of their application.


Academic enquiries should be submitted to: Ermanno Gherardi, Professor of General Pathology at the University of Pavia and Coordinator of the Ma Cancer Science.  Should Prof  Gherardi be unavailable, academic enquiries may be submitted in a second instance to Mario Cazzola,  already Professor of Haematology  at the University of Pavia and Deputy Coordinator of the MA Cancer Science.

All non academic enquiries (administrative, logistical, etc) should be submitted in the first instance to Barbara Quani, support officer of the MA Cancer Science. Prospective students are specially encouraged to submit enquiries about accommodation because there are a number of Colleges at the University of Pavia that offer a lively cultural and social life and accommodation at below-market prices.

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