Lectures & Seminars

Lectures & Seminars

Lectures and Seminars

Students admitted to the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine have access to a large body of lectures, seminars and courses that students may sustain directly their research project or broaden their scientific education and background.  The so-called School for Doctoral Studies of the University of Pavia brings together all teaching relevant to PhD studies at the University of Pavia and PhD students enrolled in the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine will surely take advantage of all valuable teaching opportunities on offer.

Two additional levels of teaching are of interest to future research students active in the PhD Programme in Translational. A number of members of the scientific board of the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine are regularly involved in the organisation of research seminars, workshop and courses within their respective departments (Molecular Medicine or Internal Medicine). From 1st October 2017 these activities will be advertised not only on the relevant departmental pages but also on this page, in order to inform directly and encourage the involvment of students and supervisors.

Members of the scientific board as well as project supervisors involved in the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine will actively promote new seminar programmes and/or summer schools in the areas of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine and highly relevant to PhD Programme in Translational Medicine. It is expected that at least several of these new activities will involve one or more of the Colleges of the University of Pavia.

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SEMINARS A.A. 2019/2020


Transversal courses are avaible on this web page

Teaching activity  2019-2020:

for the first and second year Phd student:

Accreditation of the training activity 1 CFU = 4 hours
-10 credits compulsory at the choice of the PhD student relevant to the recearch -project;compulsary a transversal course,

The activity must be certified  and recorded  in the personal card

An optional formative activity is added which will include:
a) other courses organized by members of the teaching staff
b) other transversal courses with or without CFU organized by the University
c) other courses organized by colleges also available to PhD students
For each student will be prepared a card that summarizes all the activities planned
(chosen research project and teaching activity) in order to monitor the completion of the activity
training for admission to the following year.



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