Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

Phd Translational Medicine


For the academic year 2020/2021 the competition has ended.
the site will be rolled out around March 2021 for the next competition

On the website: Office Dottorati you can find information on courses and more.


Location: Department of Molecular Medicine
Director: Prof. Enza Maria Valente

Research Topics:

“Basic research”:1. Regulation of gene expression; 2. Structure/Function in proteins; 3. Protein homeostasis, folding and aggregation; 4. Membrane transport; 5. Mitochondrial function and dysfunction; 6. Intercellular communication; 7. Cell death; 8. Stem cells; 9. The cell biology of cancer; 10. The biology of ageing; 11. Mechanisms of immunity; 12. Whole body homeostasis. 13. Intracellular clearance mechanisms.

“Clinical research”: 1. Mendelian diseases; 2. Epigenetics; 3. Cancer genetics; 4. Signalling in development and cancer; 5. Nanomedicine; 6. Next generation sequencing; 7. Host-virus relationship and antiviral therapy; 8. Immune response to pathogens; 9. Brain ageing and neurodegeneration; 10. Neurohormonal regulation of the circulation; 11. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis; 12. Gastrointestinal inflammation and cancer. 13. Protein misfolding diseases”



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