Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

The next admission procedures, for the accademic year 2018-2019, will be available in spring 2018.

Timeline of Applications  (for 2017/2018 is expired)

On 6th June 2017 the University of Pavia will publish on the University of Pavia web page Dottorati di Ricerca an online call for applications for all PhD Programmes active at the University from 1st October 2017, including the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine.  Interested applicants will find a form that can be reached from this web page that candidates must complete and submit online before 5.00 pm central European Summer Time (CEST) of 14th July 2017 in order to be admitted to the selection procedure.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the assignment of the 7 PhD studentships in Translational Medicine involves two stages: a written paper and an oral examination, both of which are required.  The written paper will be sat in Pavia on at 9.00 am CEST of the 11th of September 2017 in the Unit of Biology and Genetics of the Department of Molecular Medicine, 14/16 via C Forlanini, Pavia.  Further, the University of Pavia aims to offer to interested candidates the possibility to sit the written paper in New York or Bejing on the same date (11th September 2017) as an alternative to sitting the written examination in Pavia. Candidates interested in sitting the written paper in these alternativa locations should indicate so in their application form. Final details of the venue and time of the written examinations in New York and Bejing will be posted on web page Information and Contacts page of the Department of Molecular Medicine website before the 31st of July 2017.

Written Examination

Candidates will be offered 2 research topics for the written paper, a basic research topic and a clinical research one, drawn from the total of 24 topics listed below. Candidates may choose whether to write their essay on the basic research topic or the clinical one. They may further choose to write their essay in the Italian or English.

Basic research topics:
1. Regulation of gene expression,  2. Structure/Function in proteins. 3. Protein homeostasis, folding and aggregation, 4. Membrane transport,  5. Mitochondrial function and dysfunction,  6. Intercellular communication,  7. Cell death,  8. Stem cells,  9. The cell biology of cancer,  10. The biology of ageing, 11. Mechanisms of immunity, 12. Whole body homeostasis.

Clinical research topics:
1. Mendelian diseases,  2. Epigenetics,  3. Cancer genetics,  4. Signalling in development and cancer,  5. Nanomedicine,  6. Next generation sequencing,  7.Host-virus relationship and antiviral therapy,  8. Immune response to pathogens,  9. Brain ageing and neurodegeneration,  10. Neurohormonal regulation of the circulation,  11. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis,  12. Gastrointestinal inflammation and cancer

Oral Examination

Oral examinations will be sat in Pavia starting at 10.00 am CEST on the 20th of September 2017 in the Unit of Biology and Genetics of the Department of Molecular Medicine, 14/16 via C Forlanini, Pavia.  Alternatively, candidates may sit the oral examination by videoconference (skype, etc).  In order to do so, candidates should rquest this option in their application form.  Candidates sitting the oral examination by videocofenrece will do so starting at 2.00 pm CEST on the 20th of September 2017.  Oral examinations will focus on one or more of the basic research and/or clinical research topics listed above under Written Paper.

Scores and Ranking

The examination Committee will assess candidates according to the following scheme:

(i)  A maximum of 10 points will be assigned to candidates based on academic records.
– Up to 5 points for the for the marks secured during the candidate’s BA and MSc Courses,
– Up to 3 points for the overall academic work, curricular and extracurricular, as outlined in the curriculum vitae et studiorum of the candidate
– Up to 1 points for a maximum of 2 letters of support submitted online by course lecturers or other academics familiar with the candidate’s work as part of the application procedure before 5.00 pm CEST on 8th July 2017.
– Up to 1 point for any publication authored by the candidate in the last 5 and relevant to the topics listed above under Written Paper.

(ii)  A maximum of 30 points will be assigned to candidates for their written paper.
Only candidates scoring more than 21 marks in their written paper will be admitted to the oral examination

(iii)  A maximum of 30 points will be assigned to candidates for their oral examination.
Only candidates scoring more than 21 marks in the oral examination will be included in the final ranking and awards.

Studentships and Projects

A total of 7 PhD studentships are on offer for the PhD Programme in Translational Medicine for the academic year 2017/18. The first 6 studentships are general ones funded by the University of Pavia and will be offered to the candidates ranked in the top 6 places at the end of the (see Scores and Ranking above). These candidates will choose 6 projects out of the first 23 listed in the web page List of Projects 2017/18.

The 7th PhD studentship, funded by an external grant, is dedicated to project 24 in List of Projects 2017/18 (Title: Determinants of ventricular fibrillation during myocardial infarction. Supervisor: Gaetano De Ferrari). Candidates interest in this specific project have to indicate so before their oral examination on the 20th of September.

All candidates offered studentships on the 20th of September have to confirm acceptance promptly and have to be in residence in Pavia by 1st October 2017.

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