Lecture theatres

Lecture theatres


The Department of Molecular Medicine has space for laboratory research and teaching in three buildings housing a total of five departmental units under University management: the Golgi/Spallanzani building in via A Ferrata 9 (C38), the large corner building bridging via T Taramelli 3b and via C Forlanini 6 (B21 and B23) and the building located in via C Forlanini 14 (B26). Further, the Department has access to one lecture theatre in the building known as Polo didattico di Ingegneria (C40).  Additional departmental units are housed in buildings owned and managed by Policlinico S Matteo or Istituti Clinico Scientifici Maugeri.

Key lecture theatres

The vast majority of departmental teaching occurs in buildings B21, B23, B26, C38 and C40 (see Fig). Requests for block booking of lecture rooms (typically for the teaching of full subjects or modules have to be submitted to A Minelli who will forward them to the office in charge (Gestione Aule). Booking requests for individual events (seminars, council meetings, etc) also have to be submitted to A Minelli who will implement these directly. Links are provided above to the set of lecture/seminar rooms and teaching laboratories available in buildings B21, B23, B26, C38 and C40.

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