Buildings & Facilities

Buildings & Facilities


The buildings of the Department

The premises of the Department of Molecular Medicine encompass a wide range of buildings that vary in age, maintenance requirements and fitness for purpose. Four Units (Biochemistry, Physiology, Human Genetics and Pathology) are housed in buildings constructed or restored betwen the two world wars and in the 1950s and 60s and located in via Forlanini.

One Unit (Immunology and General Pathology) is now housed in a new research building (Istituto Golgi/Spallanzani) opened in 2009 and located on the science campus of the University (via A Ferrata).  The remaining three (clinical) Units (Clinical Biochemistry, Cardiology and Haematology) are housed in offices, laboratories and clinical wards of research hospitals  located in Pavia (Policlinico San Matteo and Fondazione S Maugeri) or in Milan (Istituto Auxologico) and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The Estate Management Division of the University has recently been re-organised and is part of the Area Tecnica Infornatica of the University. The Department coordinates maintenance directly with the Estate Management Division and/or the Health & Safety Division of the University depending on the nature of the problem in hand.  A list of first points of contact in the five Units of the Department that operate in University own buildings is provided below.

The University operates a 24/7 emergency service when immediate action is needed and any member of the Department can call upon this service by contacting the numbers provided on the web page Telefoni utili per l’ Emergenza.

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