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K2P channel gating – caught in the act

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On Tuesday the 10th of June 2021 Daniel L Minor of the University of California at S Francisco will give a seminar entitled K2P channel gating – caught in the act. The seminar is open to members of the Department, other academic staff and undergraduate and postgraduate students. Instructions for online access are available on the poster that can be downloaded here.

IThe talk “K2P channel gating – caught in the act” will be an overview of the new findings of the laboratory with particular attention given on mechanosensitive ion channel functions. Prof. Minor and his group, indeed, has recently identified the mechanism by which the K2P channels are able to modulate their activity, and a way to stabilise the open conformation of the channel with small molecule binders, which can be used as novel therapeutics for the chronic pain disease.

Daniel L Minor, Jr. is a Professor at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and a Faculty Scientist at the Molecular Biophysics & Integrated Imaging Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley.  His laboratory focuses on using functional, chemical, and structural approaches to uncover the molecular mechanisms by which diverse types of ion channels work, to develop new reagents that can manipulate ion channel function, and to understand the molecular mechanisms by which organisms resist toxins that target ion channels. His lab is particularly interested in ion channels that respond to physical forces and that are important in pain and sensory physiology.

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