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Applications of NMR-based metabolomics in molecular medicine

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  • Venue: Collegio A. Volta, Pavia
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On December 13, 2019 Andrea Motta, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare (ICB), will given a presentation entitled Applications of NMR-based metabolomics in molecular medicine at 17:00 in the College Lecture theatre at Collegio A. Volta. All students are invited to attend, especially those reading Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.

Applications of NMR-based metabolomics to several types of biomatrices will be shown to demonstrate the power of NMR in investigating human pathologies.

1982 –1985. Post doc at the Dept of Chemistry, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA: NMR studies of human plasminogen (supervisor Prof. Miguel Llinás).
1995–up to now. Head of the NMR Service of Research Area “Naples 3”.
2002–up to now. “Dirigente di Ricerca”(Research Director) at Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of CNR.
He has published over 170 papers, and served as referee for several Journals like PLoS Medicine, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Proteome Research, Bioanalysis, European Respiratory Journal, Biomarkers in Medicine, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, etc.
He also served as project evaluator for the “National Science Foundation” (Washington DC, USA), the “International Science Foundation” (Washington DC, USA), the Human Frontier Science Program Organization (Strasbourg, France), and the EU.
Areas of Expertise
1. NMR structure determination ofpeptides and proteins involved in pathological processes: Structure-activity relationship of macromolecules; Design of new NMR experiments; Software development for NMR processing; Conformational calculations.
2. Metabolomics and metabonomics of pathologies: Metabolomics/metabonomics by high-resolution NMR; Statistical analysis.
3. Cell systems biology: Metabolic profiles of in-vivocells; Design of new NMR experiments for fast observation of metabolic fingerprint; Metabolic pathway bioinformatics

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